Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre at the Hammer Museum this Saturday.

“This program features a compilation of short films focusing on the occult, sorcery, and the macabre, with works ranging from the silent era through the 1960s, including Carl Dreyer’s haunting road safety film, They Caught the Ferry (1943), and avant-garde master Kenneth Anger’s Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969)”


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Paper Heart

This movie will either be a too-cute indie fest or totally awesome.

Nothing inbetween.

Arctic Survival vs Sea Survival

Survival guides published in 1964.

Very Wes Anderson.

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A passage of Solemnity and Darkness

The worlds oldest subway has a curious history.

Built in 1844 Cornelius Vanderbilt this tunnel was for his trains that were “accidentally” running over Brooklyn residents on his tracks. By the late 1850’s the tunnel was useless as Vanderbilt changed his interest from trains to steamboats. A shady contractor was hired to fill in the tunnel, but it’s reported that he didn’t  do so.

In 1979 Bob Diamond was a Brooklyn engineering student. We was sitting in his kitchen listening to the radio where a book by G.J.A O’Toole “The Cosgrove Report” was being discussed.  The book talks about Lincoln’s assassination and that the lost journal pages of John Wilkes Booth might be in a long forgotten tunnel running under Atlantic Ave. Of course the whole thing sounded absurd but the young Diamond couldn’t help but find his interest piqued.

After a year of milling over discarded and mislabled Department of Transportation blue prints, Diamond finds the long lost tunnel. However, the tunnel is blocked in the middle by a large wall, leaving roughly six blocks of the tunnel, as of yet, unexplored. Diamond believes there is a good chance that a locomotive originally built by British locomotive pioneer Robert Stephenson may lay in that section of tunnel. Booth’s diary may be there after all.

You can tour the tunnel this June 28th!

Pitt Rivers Museum

Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

“This High-Victorian display hall, opened in 1884, is built like an engine shed decked with three storeys of wrought-iron verandas stuffed with the handmade objects from a thousand lost cultures.”

The museum is founded on the 20,000 artifacts donated by Lieutenant-General Augustus Lane Fox Pitt Rivers 125 years ago. These include trepanning tools, taxidermy of extinct animals, and other oddities.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office

The Selgas Cano Architecture Office, just outside of Madrid.

Wish, my office had this view!


Holi, or the Festival of Colors is a Hindu celebration marking the beginning of spring. The festivities happen on the day after the full moon, in early March. On this day, people celebrate by squirting dyed water or tossing colored powder on each other.