Fujiko Nakaya Fog Sculptor

Fujiko Nakaya is a sculptor who works exclusively with artificial fog.

The impermanence of it all amazes me.


Saving Tesla’s Failure

After Tesla invented alternating current, we went to Wardenclyffe, NY and began to experiment with what would become radio waves.

On this site he built a laboratory, massive tower, and extensive “secret” tunnels. The place is littered with giant batteries, and half-finished experiments  that are now dilapidated.

The current owners of the site are looking to sell the place, and are willing to level the location for the new owners.

Tesla fans are trying to come up with the money to preserve the site.

via NYT.

The Tuesday Noon Siren

I miss living in San Francisco.

No More Booty

My roommate and I have started doing weekly podcasts, that can be found on its own page here.

For the first “cast” we play some mellow music and talk about porn.

Music, Language, Thought.

A neat looking lecture series being held at NYU. Just missed the first session, but more in April.

With talks like “The Rape of Euterpe: Music, Philology, and Misology in the Work of Nietzsche” it’s sure to be a barn burner.

Awesome poster too.

More here.


I just lost a good 20 minutes to this virtual keyboard of dance rock sounds.

Play with it HERE.

“elbowed” Magnapinna squid

A mile and a half  underwater in the Gulf of Mexico,  an “elbowed” Magnapinna squid was captured on camera by a Shell oil company ROV late last year.

More HERE.