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No More Booty

My roommate and I have started doing weekly podcasts, that can be found on its own page here.

For the first “cast” we play some mellow music and talk about porn.


Music, Language, Thought.

A neat looking lecture series being held at NYU. Just missed the first session, but more in April.

With talks like “The Rape of Euterpe: Music, Philology, and Misology in the Work of Nietzsche” it’s sure to be a barn burner.

Awesome poster too.

More here.


I just lost a good 20 minutes to this virtual keyboard of dance rock sounds.

Play with it HERE.

G.Spot Boyz: Stanky Leg

Arlington, Texas?

I need to add the stanky leg to my dance repertoire.

Highly entertained by the No Limit video homage.


I am enjoying the Phaserprone catalog.

Bleeding edge electronics with short run labor intensive super exquisite packaging.

The future-is-now of record labels? Yes.

Their SITE.

Delia Derbyshire

Looks like Delia Derbyshire invented *everything.

Pioneer of electronic music and best known for composing the Dr. Who theme song, it’s now reveled that they found 267 tapes found in Derbyshire’s attic when she died in 2001.

The most amazing find in these tapes, is an “experimental dance track” which sounds like it could have been put out yesterday via Warp or Rephlex Records even though it was recorded in the late 60s.

Experimental Dance Track by Delia Derbyshire

More info HERE.


Dissonance Radio

I like “DC Punk” a bit too much.

DISSONANCE is a biweekly show on DC community radio diving into DC punk history with a weekly was-there guest.

It’s superb.