Here’s an unreleased version of Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest

Apparently there’s even another version of this song that was lost. From DJ Johnny Juice “A Tribe Called Quest was doing ‘Scenario’. It was me, Dinco, Busta, Jarobi was there – everybody was in that motherfucker – Dres from Black Sheep was there, both of ‘em, Chris Lighty, Mase and Pos from De La, all them motherfuckers rhymed on ‘Scenario’. Everybody rhymed on it but Q-Tip, and the best motherfucker on that shit was Posdnuos. He fuckin’ destroyed it, and he ain’t even like the beat! And after he finished rhyming, everybody went back and rewrote their rhymes!”

I love Scenario, it one of the first songs I conscientiously remember that made me want to go and seek out music.

A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (Unreleased version ft. LOTNS, De La Soul & Black Sheep)

Here’s the album version in case you’ve never heard it.

via unkut.


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