So, Obama right!

Couldn’t help but notice they played Beautiful Day by U2 before his speech this evening. Thats an ok choice, I guess. Maybe they should have played one of the odder pro-Obama songs that I’ve ran across.

Grumpy by Free Blood which is fronted by the former drummer of !!!.

Or maybe the classic, Ain’t no Future in Yo Frontin by MC Breed where he utters the immortal lines: If I was the president, then I would stay fat. You leave it up to me, I paint the white house black.

Or on that note, maybe the shameless early nighties jam Paint the White House Black by George Clinton.


4 responses to “Obama

  1. “maaaaaan there ain’t no future in the frontin’. never was cuz. there ain’t no future in the frontin’.”

    damn, that would have been so good. especially if obama came out rappin’ it.

  2. Finally! Someone noticed that my husband’s beautiful song is an anti-Bush, but more importantly PRO-OBAMA song. People like the song but they never seem to figure that out. What took everyone so long? GOBAMA!!!!

  3. tell your husband to keep up the good work.

  4. Will do and thanks.

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