Department of Eagles

In the way back of 2003, I was working at a small radio station when a few curious 7 inches by a band calling themselves Whitey on the Moon UK landed on my desk. I put them on, and turns out they were really good. Time passed, and their full length was released, and the group changed their name to Department of Eagles.

This full-length was stellar and I played it on the radio every chance I got. The owner of the small label that put the release out took notice and asked if the band could come down and play live outside their bedrooms for the very first time. So, I found these two nervously playing a few songs in the booth including some rough ones they were working on.

Fast forward some, and Department of Eagles were set to go on a full fledged tour with anticon related group, Subtle. A tragic van crash housing the members of Subtle forced the tour to be canceled. Daniel Rossen, one half of Department of Eagles then joined another then obscure croup called Grizzly Bear and went to work on their second album. The LP, Yellow House came out to pretty much universal acclaim and features fleshed out versions (most notably Lullaby) of the rough demos he was working on when he came down to play the radio show.

Now seemingly out of nowhere they do an excellent Take Away Show marking their first ever “public performance”. I hope they get their second release out soon, I’m dieing to hear it.


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